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Welcome to the Studios of Lee Loebman. Here, you will learn about the wide variety of works produced in Loebman's studios, including Ketubot, Limited Editon Lithographs, Custom Art and more! Browse through our Custom Ketubah, Anniversary Ketubah, and 3-D Ketubah sections to see examples of the wide variety of ketubot that Lee has created. Whether you desire an Egalitarian text, Conservative text with the Lieberman clause or Traditional text, your Ketubah will be designed specifically for you. Check out the Lithograph section to see the Joseph's Coat lithograph, the Creation lithograph and the Tree of Life Ketubah, available in the Egalitarian or Traditional Texts. Anniversary Ketubot make a wonderful gift. A custom design containing symbols and memories from the couples years together surround their origional Ketubah text. So, call us at 847-543-7236 to discuss your Ketubah needs.
Ketubah History
THE KETUBAH - the marriage contract - was introduced into the Jewish wedding ceremony approximately 2,500 years ago. It was written in Aramaic, the spoken language of the Jews of the time, so that everyone would understand the contract. To this day Aramaic has remained the language of the traditional Ketubah . In the contract, the husband undertakes to honor, support and maintain his wife, and to live with her in affection and amity. He also states what she will receive in the event of divorce or of his death. The ketubah was developed to protect the Jewish wife and to ensure her future.

The traditional Ketubah text has remained basically unchanged for centuries, and is the text utilized at Orthodox weddings. The Conservative movement added a clause, the Lieberman clause, to the traditional Aramaic text to require a husband to grant his wife a religious divorce upon obtaining a civil divorce so that each of the parties could remarry under Jewish law. Today's Reform movement typically does not use the traditional text. Instead, Reform texts reflect the movement's more equal treatment of men and women and incorporate mutual affirmations and promises. Reform Ketubah texts do not qualify as legal documents but rather serve more as a statement of the couple's vows to each other.

The ketubah document has attracted artistic adornment through the centuries and has become a significant expression of Jewish art. With the use of calligraphy to ornament the text itself and a vast host of designs to enhance and beautify the border, including paper cutting, the ketubah has evolved into a unique document expressing a couple's life together.

Custom Ketubot
  Custom Ketubot Main Page
  Don & Amy Feinstein Ketubah
  Don & Amy Feinstein Ketubah Large
  Michael & Meredith Heller Ketubah
  Michael & Meredith Heller Ketubah Large
  Greg & Julie Miller Ketubah
  Greg & Julie Miller Ketubah Large
  Scott & Laura Palgon Ketubah
  Scott & Laura Palgon Ketubah Large
  Michael & Karen Burstein Ketubah
  Michael & Karen Burstein Ketubah Large
  William & Sharon Padnos Ketubah
  William & Sharon Padnos Ketubah Large
  Steven & Michelle Rosen Ketubah
  Steven & Michelle Rosen Ketubah Large
  Rustin & Karen Ross Ketubah
  Rustin & Karen Ross Ketubah Large
  Jeff & Karen Cohen Ketubah
  Jeff & Karen Cohen Ketubah Large
  Rabbi Carl & Judy Wolkin Ketubah
  Rabbi Carl & Judy Wolkin Ketubah Large
  Jerrold & Judy Weinstein Ketubah
  Jerrold & Judy Weinstein Ketubah Large
  Joey & Lorie Niskar Ketubah
  Joey & Lorie Niskar Ketubah Large
  Rabbi Amy Memis-Foler & Dave Foler Ketubah
  Rabbi Amy Memis-Foler & Dave Foler Ketubah Large
  Jason & Ami Pazol Ketubah
  Jason & Ami Pazol Ketubah Large
  David & Yvette Stone Ketubah
  David & Yvette Stone Ketubah Large
  Zak & Stacey Hunt Ketubah
  Zak & Stacey Hunt Ketubah Large
  Ed & Joanne Gordon Ketubah
  Ed & Joanne Gordon Ketubah Large
  David & Pam Zlotnik Ketubah
  David & Pam Zlotnik Ketubah Large
  Eric & Beth Jacobson Ketubah
  Eric & Beth Jacobson Ketubah Large
  D & Rebecca Freiden Ketubah
  D & Rebecca Freiden Ketubah Large
  Lithographs Main Page
  The Tree of Life Ketubah
  The Tree of Life Ketubah Large
  Joseph's Coat
  Joseph's Coat Large
  Creation Large
Anniversary Ketubot
  Custom Anniversary Ketubot Main Page
  Alan & Mari Ann Schwartzenberg Ketubah
  Alan & Mari Ann Schwartzenberg Ketubah Large
  Jerry & Sylvia Loebman Ketubah
  Jerry & Sylvia Loebman Ketubah Large
  David & Carel Frishman Ketubah
  David & Carel Frishman Ketubah Large
  William & Tammi Finestone Ketubah
  William & Tammi Finestone Large
  Howard & Bonnie Weisman Ketubah
  Howard & Bonnie Weisman Ketubah Large
  H & B Dorf Ketubah
  H & B Dorf Ketubah Large
3-D Ketubot
  3-D Custom Ketubot Main Page
  Brad & Allison Zall Ketubah
  Brad & Allison Zall Ketubah Large
  David & Carel Frishman Ketubah
  David & Carel Frishman Ketubah Large
  Jeff & Alisa Srulovitz Ketubah
  Jeff & Alisa Srulovitz Ketubah Large
  Dan & Kim Hirsch Ketubah
  Dan & Kim Hirsch Ketubah Large
Custom Designs
  Custom Design Home Page
  Shlomo Adam Bar Mitzvah Naming
  Yael Reina Baby Naming
  Yisrael Tzvi Bar Mitzvah Naming
  Family Paper Cut
  Star Paper Cut
  Federation Invitation
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